The core tenets of money income and profit is to manage the money you make very well and to make more money. I feel this is where everyone should be focused on right now. In our digital economy there is so much opportunity it is crazy.

You need a side hustle ASAP!

At any time anyone can be put on. You just have to put yourself out there. Work on the right things.It has never been like this in America. If you have the digital skills you can make a lot of money. Life changing money.

This dynamichas produced something else beyond weird,The rich are getting richer at the fastest pace in history. Income inequity is a huge issue in society today.

Their numbers are growing. These people are living the good life. Fancy homes vacations and the nicest cars money can buy. These people are rolling in the American Dream.

The rest of folks are making massive adjustments such as the Podshare,-a sort of bunkbed communal living, the tiny house movement and the ever growing number of people who are living in their cars or vans.

These are the working poor. They have money, just not enough for the lives they want.

Which has become a thing, the number of students who are living in their cars is staggering and they still graduate with significant student loan debt.

At the root cause of many people redefining happiness is the lack of wide spread upward mobility. The lack of dollars can produce some strange outcomes.

If you are a programmer, web person or have crazy social media skills the world is your oyster and there is opportunities in every nook and cranny of the web. However if you are not included in this group life can be somewhat harsh.

I saw this coming years ago with the tiny house movement.

I do understand everyone does not need nor want a 5000 sq foot house. However living in a place that is half the side of my first apartment is not appealing either…with a family of 3 to 4 people. That is crazy talk to me and people who think like me.

Here is the prediction.

It is going to get worse.

The stage is set for people at large to mentally adjust to a lower standard of living.

We have people who are middle class educated with the income of a poor person. That is a lot to adjust to, your education makes you middle class while your income marks you are poor. Education brings exposure. Many of these people know just how jacked up this is.